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 We follow the corporate philosophy is: to provide the community with valuable, excellent products or services; to provide staff with a broad space for development, and improve quality of life; between the staff and employees, processes and procedures, departments and departments of the responsibility to reflect theserious and responsible for the quality of work and the difficulties for themselves, to facilitate to the other employees and businesses benefit-sharing and common development ".
JobRecruiting departmentNumberworkplaceDetailed
Sales Manager
1.age over 35 years of age, at least 2 years sales management experience, more than three years, the company in charge of operating experience, are familiar with and ability to operate project bidding;
2. there is a wealth of marketing management experience, deep understanding of the field of business and industry market in the industry have a broad circle and have the ability to have timely access to the industry project information;
3. strong organization and coordination skills and strong sense of responsibility, with strong social skills, communication skills and negotiation skills;
4.According to the company's long-term development of business objectives, develop the company in the long-term market development program and year, quarter, month the work plan;
5. rigorous style, realistic and set a good example, not self-serving, with a good quality of the idea;
6. give priority to certain social relations and social background;