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    Film, paper: PET, the proliferation of film, reflective films, shading film, PVC, PC, a mirror film, protection film and a variety of thin-film type of material and the release paper, textured papers all kinds of paper materials and a variety of insulating materialsare using the round knife cutting machine to the production and processing。
    Process Flow Diagram
    Project control
    Control mode Manual, automatic, mechanical manual register (in accordance with the contract)
    Minimum speed 0.1m/min
    The maximum speed 36m/min
    Show:Indicator operation stage of the run indicator, fault indicator
    Touch screen The tension showed that the registration manual and automatic display, speed display, roll length display
    Protection function Short circuit, over current, over voltage, motor overload, the fuse circuit, etc.
    Products in Figure 
    The film is a thin, soft, transparent sheets. Made of plastics, adhesives, rubber or other materials。
    The polyester film of scientific explanation: the two-dimensional materials by atom, molecule or ion deposition to the substrate surface。
    Example: optical thin films, composite films, superconducting films, polyester film, nylon film, plastic film and so on. The film is widely used in electronic appliances, machinery, printing and other industries.