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    Foam type: damping moderate earthquake PORON, sponge, EVA and other materials in the round knife cutting machine production and processing is more convenient, fast!
    Process Flow Diagram
Operation of the project:
Running operation
 The start of the operation platform (stop button)
Emergency stop Operation of the emergency stop button on the stage
Speed setting Potentiometer to operate the stage
Tension Setting Touch screen
Sets of quasi-phase-change Touch screen
Show: Indicator Running lights of the operating stage, the fault indicator
Touch screen The tension showed that the registration manual and automatic display, speed display, roll length display
Protection function Short circuit, over current, over voltage, motor overload
    Products in Figure
    Divided into foam PU foam, anti-static foam, conductive foam, EPE, anti-static of EPE, PORON, the CR, EVA, bridging the PE, SBR, EPDM, with easy to use, freely bending, ultra-thin size, performanceand reliable series of characteristics。
    1.The low pressure is very good shielding effect, shielding effectiveness of more than 90dB.
    2.Flexible, light weight.
    3.Anti-corrosion nickel coating can prevent electrochemical corrosion.
    4.Low surface contact resistance.
    5.Rapid pressure-sensitive fixed.
    6.Customers can specify the length of the.
    7.Many cross-section selection.
    8.UL Class A fire.
    9.Paste the Mylar film (the valet complex double-sided adhesive).
    Product quality and stability, heat pressure, not falling, high tensile strength, products installed by the low temperature -20 ℃ to high temperature 80 ° C, 72 hours of the cycle test is still to maintain this quality,
With easy to use, freely bending, ultra-thin volume.
    Widely used in PDP TVs, LCD monitors, LCD TVs, mobile phones, laptop computers, MP3, communication cabinets, medical equipment and other electronic products, as well as military and aerospace fields