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    Filter categories: for dust, waterproof SAATI, SEFAR net imports of yarn and domestic net yarn production in the round knife cutting machine, with no residual wire, clean appearance, etc.
   Process Flow Diagram

    Project data
   Grounding Requirements < 100Ω
    Compressed air supply(bar) 6Bar x 2L/min
    Tension Uniaxial less than 100N,Servo motor power 0.8kw
    Die-cutting Servo motor power 1kw
    Speed 15-36m/min
    Accuracy ±0.1~0.3mm
    Machine color Blue, gray
    Material in the form Roll
    Material size(mm) 250/150
    Material thickness(mm) 0.3
    The highest speed(M/min) 36

    Products in Figure
    Filter Suggests that it is the abbreviation of the filter
    Extrusion machine feed Jane before support by the sieve mesh size wire mesh group, whose role is to filter molten material flow and increased material flow resistance, in order to filter out mechanical impurities and improve the mixing or the plasticizing effect.
    Filter is divided into Textile fiber filter and hardware, the first in the domestic production of fiber filters is the gathering place of the representatives of roof screen, the Taizhou Huangyan Tenda screen factory, as well as Anping metal mesh, and Billiton Min.stainless steel strainer
    Filter machine installed a filter to filter natural water and food. Some main filter impurities in paints and coatings
    Filter characteristics:Direct filtration, the process is simple, good air permeability, uniform and stable precision, does not leak, good regeneration performance, regeneration is fast, easy installation, high efficiency, long service life.
    Filter uses:Mainly used for air conditioning, purification, range hoods, air filters, dehumidifiers, and dust collector, etc., applicable to a variety of filtration, dust removal and separation requirements applicable to the petroleum, chemical, mineral, food, pharmaceutical,painting, and other walks of life of the filter.
    Coating the filter material can be divided into two kinds of metal and plastic filter mounted on the gun position different types of gun filter, tip filter, usually made ​​of stainless steel and nylon is better