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    Metals: electronic products, has played some of the functions of electrical conductivity, and the received signal of metallic materials, such as: copper, aluminum, stainless steel and other materials can also be in the round knife cutting machine production and processing.
    Process Flow Diagram
Project operation and data:
Running operation Operation of the start of the stage (stop button)
Emergency stop Operation of the emergency stop button on the stage
Speed setting Potentiometer to operate the stage
Tension Setting Touch screen
Sets of quasi-phase-change Touch screen
Grounding Requirements < 100Ω
Die-cutting Servo motor power 1kw
Speed 15-36m/min
Accuracy ±0.1~0.3mm
Machine color Blue, gray
    Products in Figure
    Characteristics of metals:
    1.Functionality, performance, precision perfect
    2.Concurrently with the safety, durability, high-precision
    3.Reduce the time to waste and improve efficiency.
    4.Available all kinds of mold structure
    5.Easy installation, a molding
    6.Can produce a diverse range of products.
    7.With automatic tension control design to make our products fit in a number of successfully completed a one-time, many times the process of waste removal.
    8.Real-time mechanical positioning error correction can compensate for the accumulated error of the servo system, to ensure that the number of fit, multiple die-cutting long working precision, and stability.
    9.Fit, the emission features are accuracy and stability.