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    The labor letter department released data show, our country electronic information manufacturing industry grows steadily, with the development of technology of new products and new applications to emerge, digital camera, mobile phone, PDA products are becoming the new consumer electronics products. These areas are: fine, accurate cutting. Division I round knife cutting machine cutting precision are according to customers different products, precision positioning.
    Service product type:mobile phone, digital camera, PDA, PC, TV, DVD players ( VCD, SVCD, DVD ), video recorder, video cameras, radios, tape recorders, hi-fi, record player, CD player ( CD ) etc.
Digital camera field applications
    A.Pieces of rubber fixed 
    B.The protection of the PCB 
    C.Flash memory card 
    D.LCD cushion fixed 
    E.Button and the hard material fixed 
    F.Fixed lens cap 
    G.Flash batteries / cushion fixed 
    H.Reflective mode fixed 
    I.Fixed panels 
    J.LCD module fixed 

    3.LCD module fixed
    4.FPCB fixed
    5.FPCB Fixed
    6.Panels is fixed
    7.Serial number label
    8.Earpiece / microphone dust pad
    9.Lens cushion
    10.FPCB Fixed