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    Health and human oneself live development and quality of life be bound together in a common cause. Human's healthy development is not only the first condition of social productivity development, also all human social production activities in pursuit of the ultimate goal of. In many countries, especially the developed countries, health care national economy has become one of the most important industries. Medical and health demand has continued to grow steadily. For the medical and health fields this multilayer composite material cutting, we plant the production equipment can realize the full automatic, efficient production.
    Service product type: plaster, plaster, plaster, health paste, stickers foot medicinal magnetic plaster, feminine hygiene supplies
    Health care
    With the improvement of a country's economic development and people's living level, the growing demand for health services, making the importance of the health care industry in the national economy along with increasing. In many countries, especially in economically developed countries, health care has become one of the national economy the most important industrial sectors. Health care needs of the nature of the sustained and stable growth, the production equipment in this area must be efficient, accurate Our multi-station rotary die cutting machine is the perfect solution to these two requirements.
    1.According to customer requirements, production of the products of any size, any length.
    2. Beautifully printed, peel strength 2.6N/1.5cm above, torn scraps of paper without breaking the paper
    3. PET composite film can be used or selected CPP composite film
    4. For Class I, Class II medical device / dressing packaging, such as medical gloves / examination gloves, blood-sucking gauze, blood-sucking non-woven, and so on.
    1.It has security, speed die-cutting (high productivity)
    2.Employing fewer replacement product specifications upon request.
    3.Can be compound, die molding.
    4.Can accurately complete the specific requirements for fully automatic operation, to reduce the defects and damage caused by the human operator