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    Articles of daily use, the necessities of life, is a household goods, home furnishing, home appliances, food and household electrical appliances, personal care products, such as: oral care products, hair care products, personal cleaning products, cosmetics, paper towels, shoe care products and shaving supplies, tobacco industry
    Service product type: cigarette, wine label, paper towels, insoles
    1.In recent years, the health products industry, automatic sanitary napkin production lines introduced from abroad. Dedicated production line-shaped tool (such as embossed Roll cutting roller knife, etc.) is mainly dependent on imports, the price of each tool as much as $ 30,000. To reduce production costs, and enable enterprises to get rid of the passive situation of dependence on imported tool I developed a sanitary napkin production line developed a special cutting roller knife and its processing
    2.Mainly used in the sanitary napkin product line die-cutting
    3.High precision, die-cutting line position error can be controlled within ± 0.015mm, die-cutting blade width error can be controlled within ± 0.01mm.
    4.The largest processing size can be customized according to customer requirements
    5.Equipment are used in high-grade precision.
    6.Different production requirements to meet the import and domestic customers.

  The breadth and depth of China's economic reform and opening to the outside world into the will to continue to expand the market level will further enhance the huge market of consumer goods.China's political environment is stable, the major principles and policies to maintain stability and continuity of the consumption structure upgrading and enormous market potential will continue to expand, with a sustained effect after China's accession to the WTO, foreign capital will further increaseChina's investment. In the next few years, the state may still continue to implement prudent fiscal policy, the investment will maintain steady growth, consumption will increase steadily, the consumer goods market has great potential. Our equipment is extremely suitable for this high-volume production