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    We will face is not only the revolution of a chest, and a system of whole industry revolution, that is quietly approaching the third industrial revolution. In two before the industrial revolution, we Chinese do not catch up with the developed countries, is swung at the back, the result is poor on hundred years. As the saying goes, strikes. In this field have just emerged in the third industrial revolution we should not, could not afford to be off the consequences. Our equipment precision, precision is industry's absolute requirement.
    Service product type: automotive and motorcycle, aerospace, household appliances, hardware products
    LCD field of application                                        Automotive applications
Installed products: Double stable tape, double-sided tape, foam tape, transfer tape, anti-plasticizer to reduce the fog of the tape after a split, die can be used in auto parts. Such as: the instrument tray, lamp shells, ornaments, the real installation fast, simple and accurate.
Noise reduction and shock absorption: Between metal parts and plastic parts, plastic parts and plastic parts, metal parts and metal parts, paste made​of foam, blankets, scratch resistant textile cutting products, in order to play downthe noise of the role of shock absorber.
Interior and buffer: Chloroprene rubber, foam and silicone materials, precision die used in the trim, doors and roof parts.
Other applications: Vehicle the subject of installation, resistance to high temperature spray masking paper, the seal of the airbag, the speaker cover, temporary protection of bile.