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    We usually know paper packaging is very labour-intensive, bad management, is difficult to control and the accuracy of the problem, and our rotary die-cutting machine can realize one-time cutting, composite ( can be completed at the same time multiple compound ), waste, rewinder and online dimension measurement and other functions, it can be save a lot of artificial.
    Service product type: packing box, label brand, pharmaceutical packaging box, food packing box, liquid packaging box, paper cups.

Round knife cutting machine because it is the round roller cutter continuous cutting production, so its production rate is far higher than other devices. For orders larger than is practical.

    Save resources: First want to say is to save human resources although today's society's human resources is not very scarce, but the defects of human resources there are hard to manage, difficult to control. Round knife cutting machine just to make up for this deficiency, it can achieve a one-time die-cutting, composite (at the same time to complete the multi-compound) emission, finished winding and line size detection function, so a lot of saving labor.

1.Dotted line blade: This is used for drilling and dotted line cutting, food packaging, medical packaging operations such as strip, circular blade, and the blade of the folding machine
2.Facial tissue, napkins, paper handkerchiefs tools using materials matching, high abrasion resistance, smooth edges, no edges, etc.
3.Good wear resistance, the technical design of a national initiative.
4.Office paper can be die-cutting, such as, A4, A3, and B5, no edges.
5.For various types of paper slitting and cutting neat incision, no edges, to facilitate the processing of a variety of paper products
6.The application of assembly line production of thin blade, smooth, no flattening phenomenon to improve the overall quality and appearance
7.High precision: the requirements of precision cutting tools are sometimes required to achieve micron-level precision.