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    " With the computer, Internet industry, China in the ' Internet of things ' areas enjoy international discourse right!" The Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and information technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, deputy director of Wuxi high Xinwei admittance sensing network engineering center director Liu Haitao proud to say. The world of the future will be the Internet of things in the world.
    Service product type: intelligent transportation card, intelligent fire card, environmental monitoring, food traceability, etc.

Things in the field:Over the years, the rapid development of China's RFID industry and sharp rise in demand for electronic tags. Market on the production of electronic tags to put forward new requirements, thus contributing to the needs of the domestic electronic label production equipment.
Currently presents the characteristics of:Characteristics of significant cost-effective Any one of the RFID products, processing equipment and process requirements are very strict, especially the production of sophisticated electronic tags. Advanced chip technology is the product quality assurance of electronic tags
Our services:Customer first goal of a win-win System training, sales and customer service personnel strive to provide customers with professional services

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