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The high-end business plans new concept die-cutting die-cutting Industry Guide

Read number Time2012-06-20 14:58

"Chinese die-cutting industry CEO leader forum June 23rd in Shenzhen Exhibition Center held satisfactorily


      By June 23, 2011, China Electronic Society; Dowell electronic network, 66 die-cutting navigation network contractors; FXD, 3M, Baidu, Guangdong flat Promotion Association of China die industry CEO leader forum in Shenzhen Exhibition Center Bougainvillea hall. Cutting the upstream and downstream business managers, professionals and senior industry media attended this second grand meeting.



                            (the picture is the CEO forum site)



      In recent years, electronic information manufacturing industry to resume sexual growth, for the electronic information industry for supporting the processing of die industry is also showing a vitality.Especially 2010 apple to iPad wings, in the flat panel display raised a tablet for cyclone, die-cutting industry has brought new business opportunities. In this forum, Guangdong Province, flat panel display industry expert group members Mr. Zhang Xingang on "global flat panel display industry development trend and Prospect of China die industry influence" to make concrete analysis. From the 3M senior technical engineer miss Huang Yingyu entitled "cutting the adhesive material application and development trend of" speech, with its solid adhesive professional knowledge to all persons on the new adhesive material with a new awareness, intense echo is caused in industry.



      This forum, 66 die network president Mr Su Guohang delivered a keynote address: 2011-2012 Chinese die-cutting industry current situation and future. He pointed out that the cutting areas of very wide, big to the electronics industry, small paper cups grilles, are inseparable from the cutting processing, die-cutting industry foreground is very wide. With the rapid development of the electronics industry, in 2011 the die-cutting industry in the overall good condition, will reflect the wave of the trend. One is the international and domestic environment, such as the global unemployment rates are still high, the global economy imbalance, Global trade protection strengthen, more intense competition in the international market; second is the rising labor costs and CPI high, will lead to further cutting industry costs continue to accumulate, aggravated the die-cutting industry pressure; the third is to 6 this year in August, the central bank raised the rate 4 times, 10 times to raise the deposit reserve rate, monetary tightening will inhibit the die-cutting industry expand. At the same time, the Japanese earthquake on the die-cutting industry influence still exists, these will affect the die-cutting industry high speed running processes. In and share die-cutting industry development situation, President Su Guohang also had 2011 die-cutting industry, new material and new technology and you share, he says, with the electronic and information manufacturing industry 3D technology and the tablet PC fashionable, OCA optical adhesive and Lead3D, depending on the product appearance, will break the original market structure. A new double control operating system of multi-station rotary die-cutting processing, improve productivity, will become the ideal choice to reduce costs. In addition, the Midwest has been outstanding, coastal provinces and cities surrounding and the Sichuan-Chongqing region is becoming the new growth pole, this will make the die-cutting industry formed to the west of the migration tendency. Finally, President Su Guohang is cutting industry lack of personnel problems to put forward the proposal, he wants to die enterprises to form a good culture, mode, in order to retain talent, eventually formed the core competitiveness of enterprises.





      (Fig 66 die network president Mr Su Guohang in the CEO Forum on the topic)


      2011 Chinese die-cutting industry CEO leader forum, integration of a strong lineup of experts, on the die-cutting industry trend in the future were professional forecast, put forward a series of thoughtful comments, for Chinese die-cutting business owners to provide effective guidance, as die-cutting industry's most professional, the most authoritative information release platform.


      It is understood, second Chinese die industry CEO leader forum to be held in July 18, 2012 in many die-cutting Industry Exhibition held in the same period.